Shungite Round Beads Strand

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Shungite beads strand wich hole 0.8-1 mm

Qty beads on strand 50 pcs

Strand length:
  • 6mm 13.5" - 35 cm
  • 8mm 15.5" - 40 cm
  • 10mm 19.5" - 50 cm
  • 12mm 23.5" - 60 cm

Shungite stone beads are natural stones for creating unique jewelry or adding to a collection. Each bead has its own personality with its own unique coloring and pattern.
You will see they aren't always smooth and perfect but that's what makes them so interesting, is perfect for making bracelets both on elastic and weaving like shambala and etc.

Yes, you can always buy something ready, but doing it yourself you will become in some way a "creator" and
put your intention and desires into this amulet.
For yourself or a loved one, and it will work so very cool.
Just try :)

For wholesale feel free contact us.