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Merkaba Pyramid and Sphere Ball

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Shungite stone must have item kit

High carbone shungite stone must have item kit includes: ball, pyramide and merkabah on the wooden stand.
Dimensions: pyramide 1.6" base; ball 1.6" Ø; merkaba 1.6" edge; stand 4x2" inch.


These simple geometric forms are the basis for sacred geometry in which they complement and reinforce each other. In addition, the structure of the C60 carbon matrix that these stones contain in their appearance looks like a "Flower of life"

Shungit is truly a unique material in its essence carries a particle of harmony of the Universe.
Karelian shungite is a stone of life energy, and is an excellent crystal to have in your home,
office and any other environment you spend large amounts of time in.
It absorbs and neutralizes the harmful effects or energies, which disrupt energetic balance.