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Energy Generator Shungite Stone Pyramid Legendary Pendant

Our energy generator pendant based on carbone matrix c60 and to its sophisticated shape, it retains the concentration of energy on its owner.
Handmade item Pendant height: 2" inch (50 mm); width: 1,5" 30 mm; Necklace resizeble 12" - 24" (22 - 54 cm)
Form factor as energy pyramid, In fact, what makes a pyramid so powerful is its ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars,
the planets and the Universe and deliver it down to earth.
Shungite stone can also be more effectively charged in a pyramid structure and meditating inside a pyramid is also said to enhance the benefits and reduce stress.
We live in an energetic Universe, and geometrical shapes have the ability to change and influence the direction of energy.
Different shapes hold different energies, and these energies can influence us in subtle and also profound ways.
It is a still a mystery as to how the ancient Pyramids of Egypt were built, but it definitely seems like they had some type of healing power that we have perhaps forgotten.
Have you tried meditating or healing work inside a pyramid?
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