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Shungite production company Keled Rocks

Hi, we are located in the very heart of Karelia near the only deposit of high-carbon shungite in Russia Zazhoginsky mine.
Keled Rocks - Russian company
For our customers:
The categorical guarantee for our products does not matter where you bought it - from our website, from a third-party seller or Amazon.
Confidence of 100% authenticity of shungite stones obtained from the best deposit in Russia.
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For your business:
we make complex projects this simple - i.e. You can order a product according to your design or just express your thoughts and get ready-made samples in a few weeks.
You will get a completely finished product for your company, including design, packaging with your logo and contact details and labels for each sku ordered for a easy inventory. 
Questions? Just write us design@keled.com