1175 grams One Large Elite Shungite Stone Shiny type I

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weight this piece:
1175 grams / 2.59 Lb / 41.44 oz


is a Spectacular Shungite Stone Type I contains natural C60 Fullerene Formed in The Heart from the famous "Shiny Deep" mine in Karelia

This shungite is of the highest grade.

The size of the shungite nugget in this listing is 4.5" x 3.5" x 3"
Its weight is about two and a half pounds, which places it among the heaviest shungite specimens there are, and it's also one of the largest shungite nuggets of this quality ever found .

This is an amazing stone, and it will make a superb addition to any collection.

All Elite Shungite Stones are naturally formed by nature, this stone has undergone check for integrity and structure - as done with all our other stones.
The large shungite is one of the highest quality shungites in the world. It consists of almost 100 percent carbon fulleren c60.

This stone has powerful cleansing effects on the body and environment.


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The photo and video shows this exact stone.
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